Get Your Pet Checked At Banfield Before Winter

Banfield Pet Hospital

A convenient four blocks from our Cedar Glade pet-friendly apartments in South Tulsa is the Banfield Pet Hospital located in the PetSmart on E 71st St. Here you will find a full service pet hospital that can take care of all your feline and canine pet needs including preparing your pets for the long winter ahead. A hot summer's day can be tough on … [Read more...]

Volunteer at Tulsa’s Hound Dog Blues Festival

Hound Dog Blues Festival

Tulsa has several opportunities for musical exploration throughout the summer. As summer closes out and fall rolls in, the Hound Dog Blues Festival offers an outlet for networking and community connectivity in the form of volunteerism. Engaging local and national blues performers for several years, the festival is a way for families to gather in a … [Read more...]

Enter Your Teen in the Miss Tulsa State Fair Pageant

Enter Your Teen in the Miss Tulsa State Fair Pageant

The superb location of our apartments in South Tulsa means we're close to everything Tulsa has to offer, including the outstanding opportunity to enter your teen in the Miss Tulsa State Fair Scholarship Pageant on September 25th. The pageant will feature two categories: teens between age 13 and 16 are eligible to enter Miss Tulsa State Fair … [Read more...]

Late Hours at Tulsa’s Big Splash Water Park


Summer is here, and that means it's time to find good ways to cool down. There are plenty of places to go around Tulsa if you want to escape the heat. We know many of our residents have busy lives, and that their daytime hours are usually full. That is why we are happy to mention Big Splash, the Tulsa water park, and their Night Splash Events! If you … [Read more...]

3 Cardio Tips for Our State-of-the-Art Fitness Center


You know that exercising regularly is good for your health, and that’s why you make it a priority to do it. If you’re lucky enough to live in South Tulsa apartments with fitness center access, you don’t even have to drive to the gym to do your workout in front of a group of strangers. Instead, you can exercise on own your time and with your … [Read more...]

Get the Kids Involved in Athletics at Union Public Schools


Studies can offer a number of reasons that school athletic programs are good for students. Some claim that they learn the value of persistence and an understanding that hard work gets you to your goals, and with patience, improvement is just around the corner. Other studies stress the values of teamwork, fair play, and cooperation. Statistics show … [Read more...]

Daily Celebrations for July’s National Anti-Boredom Month

Daily Celebrations for July's National Anti-Boredom Month

Did you know that July is National Anti-Boredom Month? With that in mind, there are some wonderful kid-friendly events in Tulsa to help the whole family celebrate properly. One fun, and maybe even a little educational, way to keep the boredom blues away is to learn about the daily "national holidays" and find a way in town to reflect them. For … [Read more...]

3 Safety Tips for Tikes at Our South Tulsa Swimming Pool

3 Safety Tips for Tikes at Our South Tulsa Swimming Pool

The hotter the summer sun is, the happier you are with your apartment in South Tulsa with swimming pool. Sometimes you just want to run and jump in to feel that rush of cool water surround you. Unfortunately, small children feel the same way. They are often much too excited to listen to safety instructions. We know you do everything you can to keep … [Read more...]

3 Lakeside Campsites for Summer Outdoors Near Tulsa

3 Lakeside Campsites for Summer Outdoors Near Tulsa

The time has come to pull out the camping gear and head out into the great outdoors. Here are three fantastic places where you can pitch a tent and enjoy the water this summer. Located in Eastern Oklahoma, the Fort Gibson Lake has a forested backdrop and smooth waters that provide the perfect setting for summer fun. The lake is full of bass, crappie … [Read more...]

Let Kids Horse Around at River Run Farm Summer Camp in Tulsa

Let Kids Horse Around at River Run Farm Summer Camp in Tulsa

If you are looking for engaging entertainment for the kids this summer, you might just want to check out a local summer camp in Tulsa. Among your many options this year, there is River Run Farm Summer Camp in Tulsa. River Run Farm offers camp hours from 9 am to 2 pm with weekly openings running from the week of June 2 through the week of July 28, … [Read more...]

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Make a Summer Donation to the Tulsa Day Center

The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless

Helping someone else is a good feeling, particularly when someone else is in desperate need. There are a lot of things to do in Tulsa to help someone, but consider donating to the Tulsa Day Center. The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless is located at 415 West Archer Street and is the only day shelter for the homeless in Tulsa. They are open daily, … [Read more...]

5 El Paso Events to Make Labor Day Weekend Unforgettable

Sun City Music Festival

Labor day weekend is quickly approaching and you don't want it to sneak up on you without having plans. Fortunately, there are several El Paso events that can help make your holiday weekend special and memorable. The Fiesta de las Flores will be taking place on Aug. 29 and Aug. 30. All the fun will be at the El Paso County Coliseum. Enjoy live … [Read more...]

Back-to-School Safety Tips for Your Case Apartment’s Bus Stop

Bus Stop

Children really get excited when school starts after summer vacation. For many, it is their first experience away from the watchful eyes of Mommy and Daddy. Every time the school bus pulls up, the safety rules kick into gear. Parents, children and drivers all have rules to keep everyone safe. This is a reminder for everyone who lives in a Case & … [Read more...]

Register Early to Get Your Spot in Tulsa’s Route 66 Marathon

Route 66 Marathon

Runners, get ready for the big day! On Nov. 23, the ninth annual Williams Route 66 Marathon comes back to downtown Tulsa. Whether you are a first-time participant or a distance veteran, there is an event at this race designed for you. You can chose your marathon experience from a full or half marathon with marathon, half marathon, marathon relay, 5K … [Read more...]

Chart Your Shopping Trip to Save on Back-to-School Shopping


It's almost time to see that yellow bus going by your window again, to get the kids back to bed early and to organize the morning carpool. Back-to-school season is upon us, and this year, make a plan so you can really save money this time on back-to-school shopping. Some of the easiest ways to save on back-to-school clothing and school supplies are to … [Read more...]